Description of the drug Levitra 40mg for Sale


Description of the drug Levitra 40mg for Sale

Levitra — this is the brand name of Vardenafil, a new treatment for male erectile disfunction in the form of pills. The action is similar to Viagra, but in many cases cheap Levitra is more effective. Warning: the maximum daily dose of not more than 20 mg. Dosage 40 mg. designed for dividing in half.

Levitra 40mg — Proven means to increase potency. Generic Levitra 40mg appeared later than other means of this group, but immediately gained immense popularity due to the unique action. The secret is that the drug acts much faster and more effectively on men of middle and mature age. The developers took into account all the shortcomings of other, similar to the action of drugs, so the drug immediately became very popular.
Many patients taking Generic Levitra 40mg were able to quickly restore potency, the effectiveness was higher even than Viagra.
40 mg of active ingredient in one tablet – This is the most powerful version of Levitra. Used for severe violations of ED. This drug is prescribed if the dosage of 10 mg and 20 mg does not have the desired effect.
Levitra 40mg acts quickly — within 30 minutes after admission. Do not take medicine if you are not excited, because the action begins only with sexual arousal, while maintaining a persistent erection during the entire time the drug is exposed to the body. Also reduces the time to restore an erection between sexual acts.
A very important feature of Levitra 40mg — It can be taken along with alcoholic beverages and very fatty and spicy foods, which will allow you to lead a normal life. The effectiveness of the drug at the same time remains at the proper level. Maximum daily dose — 1 tablet. The drug is valid for more than 8 hours.

The drug is available in the form of round orange tablets. On one side – company sign, on the other – dosage in mg. One pack contains from 1-10 tablets. They are folded in a blister and packed in a cardboard box.

Description of the drug Levitra 40mg for Sale

The active ingredient relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis and promotes blood flow with adequate sexual stimulation.
For many years, the drug passed clinical trials. The effectiveness of Levitra 40mg in the observed is 95%.
Levitra 40mg should be taken in limited quantities with hypersensitivity to some components of the drug, contraindications that have arisen for one reason or another, to sexual intercourse.
You need to be attentive to taking the drug, it is advisable to even consult with your doctor if you have some problems with the cardiovascular system, for the last 6 months there have been heart attacks, there are jumps in blood pressure. You should also be careful if you have a disease of the kidneys, liver, being on dialysis. If there are serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a stomach ulcer – better to consult with a specialist. In some diseases of the visual and auditory apparatus, physiological pathologies of the penis, you also need to consult a doctor to determine the required dosage.
The highest concentration of the active substance in the blood is achieved within 1 hour after administration. Metabolism occurs with the participation of the liver. Excretion from the body occurs through the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. It is necessary to strictly observe the dosage prescribed by the doctor, and strictly follow the instructions for use.
No matter when you are going to take the drug. – possible before meals, after, preferably 1 hour before the intended sexual act. The next drug intake is carried out in a day. The drug acts on men over 65 years. Take as described above. Persons under 16 years of age are not recommended to use this medicine. It is very convenient that Levitra 40mg mg is not necessary to drink. Be careful about eating grapefruit juice during treatment, it can increase the chances of side effects.
Overdose happens extremely rarely, if properly follow the instructions. But, in case of violation in the mode of taking the drug, there may be pain in the lumbar region, pain in the muscles. If you notice at least one of these manifestations – Seek immediate medical attention.

Description of the drug Levitra 40mg for Sale

Mode of application Levitra 40mg

The drug Levitra 40mg is not advisable to take with drugs based on nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate. The joint use of nitrate-containing drugs with Levitra can cause a strong decrease in blood pressure, cause a faint state.
If you are going to take Levitra 40mg with other medications for treating ED, tell your healthcare provider about the appropriate dosage. Consultation is needed when using the following medications: Vaprisol, Gleevec, various antidepressants, Biaxin. Synercid, Erythrocin, Pediazol, Ketek, Nizoral, Oravig, Vfend, while taking various drugs for the treatment of hypertension, prostate, Uroksatral, Kardura, Minipress, Khitrin, Flomax, Kardizem, Dilakor, Tiazak, Cardin, Kalan, Isoptin, Verelan.
An incomplete list is also given, it may also include both herbs and dietary supplements, when taken with Levitra 40mg, the consultation of the attending physician is simply very important.
The drug is not prescribed to women, it is intended exclusively for men.
Levitra 40mg is well tolerated by the male body, but there may be minor side effects, such as slight redness on the face, chest, neck, stuffy nose, a slight runny nose, slight dizziness, lack of sensitivity in the chin, hands, slight pain in the lumbar spine, slight nausea , slight weakness, mild arrhythmia, swelling of the extremities, slight changes in the visual and hearing aids, tinnitus, painful erection, allergies to some components of the drug.

Description of the drug Levitra 40mg for Sale

Although Levitra 40mg can be used together with alcohol, but in order to avoid worsening the side effects of the intake, it is advisable to drink alcohol in the smallest doses than you usually used to do. If, however, side effects began to manifest, immediately seek medical advice. If you take the drug with fatty foods, then an erection does not come after 30 minutes, but after 50, but there will definitely not be any side effects.
Levitra 40mg does not require any special recommendations for storage, but it is better to store in a closed box at room temperature without exposure to sunlight, it is desirable that there is no free access of children to the drug. Some products should be stored in the refrigerator, for Levitra 40mg is not required. Especially not worth it to freeze. Shelf life, as well as all drugs in this group – 3 years.
If you decide to use this drug – very carefully read the instructions, look at the expiration dates, if they expired, you should not take this drug. If you do not have direct indications for use, also do not rush to drink it.
And one more important note – This is, of course, an excellent drug, but it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so you should always think about additional protection when entering into sexual contact. It does not save from unplanned pregnancy of the partner, from gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, HIV infection.

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Buying levitra

Levitra 40mg can be bought at any online pharmacy, at your nearest pharmacy. Nowadays, online stores selling any medications are becoming increasingly popular. It is very convenient to buy them, because on very famous sites there is such a service as «Specialist advice»where you can ask any question to a doctor specializing in the sale of this drug, get a qualified answer, he will tell you what the drug is compatible with, you can also tell your medical history, what injuries you have, what you have been treated for and what you appointed

Having received a satisfactory consultation with a specialist, you can follow the link and click «Buy Levitra 40mg», then further by clicking «Checkout», and in the end «To pay», you can pay with any credit card. Also many sites have a service. «Free home delivery»where a specialist brings you the drug and gives advice on the use.
You can save very well by buying cheap Levitra, because the tablet is designed for multiple use, i.e. You can divide it into several parts and take it as needed. You can even order in the online store 1 tablet, and you will get it home with a very reasonable price.

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